Little did you know, animals are very intelligent creatures, especially stray ones who need to use their wit and intelligence in order to survive the harsh realities of living in the streets.

For this one clever feline, his life has been nothing but difficult – from searching for scrap food and fighting his way to survive each night. But one day while looking for food, he also found his fur-ever home.

33-year-old primary school teacher Tania Lizbeth Santos Coy Tova spotted a little stray cat by the local supermarket in Piedras Negras, Mexico. In the video she took, the cat looked at Tania, and in return, the teacher stroked him gently.

The adorable feline started to follow Tania into the supermarket and in a few seconds, he leads her to the pets’ food stall and points to a cat food. Tania then laughs at the clever cat lovingly.

Tania was charmed by the cat and decided to not just buy him food, but also adopt him.

Now, he is no longer a stray with no name. Tania named her new furry baby Conejo, which means “rabbit,” because he has no tail. Conejo is now enjoying his wonderful home with his favorite toy, Rene.

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