Get to know the reasons why stray pets are dangerous to several kids and local residents. 

City pound or dog-catching teams have stepped up patrolling the streets of the cities and towns in Metro Manila in pursuit of stray dogs, cats, and other pets or animals.

Posing danger to people, especially pupils and commuters, stray pets or animals have been let loose by many irresponsible owners.

Commuters and residents have noticed the proliferation of “Missing” notices posted on electric posts, walls, and street corners seeking the help of the public to lend a hand in the search for missing persons, pets, or whathave-yous.

This is where barangay or community leaders and their watchmen can be of great service to others: in helping find beloved dogs, cats, and others.

What’s more is the waste left by pets on the streets. This worsens the work of Metro aides or street sweepers who have to take care not only of garbage piles but also the stinking waste of stray animals.

Pet owners must be responsible enough to guard their pets and take care of the mess.

This story appeared in Animal Scene’s September 2017 issue.