The event, held at the SMX MOA Convention Center, featured exhibits of veterinary products, a stag showcase, incubators, and gamefowl suppliers. It aimed to provide a common ground for those in the industry, where they could share ideas and breeding techniques. The Philippines is on the list of countries with a seamlessly clean record with regards to avian influenza, and has potential to be a world poultry and gamefowl powerhouse.

The International Gamefowl Breeders Association Inc. (FIGBA) said it is committed to promote the sport as a noble tradition and livelihood, given that there is honesty, integrity, and fair play in every match. Dong Lacson of the Asil Boxing Club and Club Torneo compared their sport to a brotherhood, one that unites Filipinos of all ages, religions, and backgrounds to compete and show their appreciation for gamefowl.

Filipino Asil boxing enthusiasts now compete internationally, he noted, and aficionados from Indonesia, Malaysia, and a few European countries expressed an interest in the sport.

This appeared in Animal Scene’s October 2015 issue.