A few minutes’ walk along the beach is always recharging. You may like the beautiful scenery, but do the creatures in the ocean share our enjoyment? Beyond the surface, a more complex environment is fighting to survive.

How to save the seas

1. Avoid single-use plastics

Reusable materials, such as eco bags and bamboo or metal straws, won’t add to ocean litter as much as single-use plastics do.

2. Go plant-based

Up to 46 percent of plastic littering the ocean is made of fishing gear, while the largest ocean dead zone in Mexico is blamed on the meat industry!

Eliminate the demand for fish to keep fishing equipment away from our seas. Eat plant-based to keep wastes from both plant and animal agriculture, which eventually make it into waterways, to a minimum.

3. Spread the word

You might think your contribution is small, but a small thing done consistently leads to big results — especially if it is done by everyone.

This appeared in Animal Scene magazine’s October 2018 issue.