The pet owner must be responsible enough to keep their pets at home to protect them from the maddening traffic, “petnappers,” pests, and the city pound team.

Barangay leaders should do no less to keep the neighborhood clean of delinquent pets that endanger the naughty kids playing in the streets and commuters who pass by.Animal welfare groups should be on the lookout for stray pets let loose by irresponsible homeowners.

Vets can pass the word around to have pets vaccinated against rabies and dread diseases.

Radio and TV shows are now aware of their role to keep the public informed of the rights of pets to tender love and care.

All concerned citizens are to be informed that from 300 to 400 individuals die of rabies annually, Department of Health records show.

Remember that the Anti-Rabies Act of 2007 requires pet owners to control their dogs and other pets and prevent their roaming unnecessarily.

Mother Nature rules.

This story appeared in Animal Scene’s April 2017 issue.