A family from the Sunshine Coast in Queensland were in their dream holiday in Bali, Indonesia, when they had the most memorable photo ever – a monkey just photobombed their picture and gave the middle finger!

Judy Hicks was with her family-of-five when she thought it would be a great idea to visit the popular Ubud Monkey Forest. She and her husband Simon, along with their three kids Elijah, Jimmy and Kayleigh were having a great time getting close and personal with hundreds of monkeys in the forest.

“We were only in Bali for a week and thought it would be fun to go on a day tour around Bali. [And] as part of the tour, we went to the monkey forest. I thought it would be a fun experience,” Judy told

A local guide then volunteered to take their photo as a remembrance.

“While we were there, a guide offered to take our photo. But as he did, a monkey suddenly came in front of the camera. The guide had peanuts in his hand and then began feeding him. It was really funny,” she added.

Once they were looking at their photos from the trip, they burst out laughing when they saw one cheeky monkey giving them the middle finger.

(Photo courtesy: Judy Hicks/Cater News)
(Photo courtesy: Judy Hicks/Cater News)

“I showed my husband and we both started laughing. We thought it was hilarious. The monkey definitely had a cheeky persona going on,” Judy said.

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