Thousands of animals are abandoned and end up in the shelter around the world. Although thousands of animals have also been adopted in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, many animals also lost their homes as their human companions lost their jobs.

Recently, a shelter volunteer found a beautiful dog tied to a tree with a plastic bottle hanging from her neck. At a closer look, they noticed a note inside it.

In the note, it says the girl’s name is Roadie and she has been rescued by her former human parent. She is a mix of German Shepherd and Australian Shepherd. Roadie has been spoiled by her owner, but has recently lost his job and soon, his home due to the coronavirus pandemic, which led him to abandon Roadie by the tree.

“My dad lost his job and soon his home from covid,” the note said. “Please pray for him and give him hope that I will find a good home.”

Although the note was very heartbreaking and tugged at everyone’s heartstrings, a shelter director said the owner could have called a shelter instead of abandoning his dog just by the side of the street.

“Roadie could have been stuck by a vehicle, could have been attacked by wolves or coyotes,” said Michael Delp, director of Johnson County Animal Shelter. “There’s all kinds of things that could happen to this animal. Struck by a vehicle or attacked by other animals.”

Luckily, after the shelter staff put Roadie up for adoption, they received more than 20 requests from people who were touched by the story.

Jeremy Pell, a reserve sheriff deputy and the chief of the fire department was looking for a furry companion for search and rescue missions. “I opened up the news and saw Roadie, I saw the breed and the story and the fact that she is literally in my backyard.”

Pell took Roadie for some tests, and she passed it with flying colors. Now, Roadie has a loving forever family and a new career.

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