A tricycle driver brought his puppy along at work and she has been keeping his passengers happy inside.

Arlene Torres from Tarlac posted her adorable encounter with the pup after going to the market on Facebook. She said she was surprised to see the “cutie” inside the tricycle, so she asked the driver why was the puppy with him and not at home.

“I asked kuya driver why she was with him and he said, ‘Wala po kase siya makakasama sa bahay, kaya sinama ko nalang po siya habang namamasada ako,'” Torres said. “He said the puppy was his son’s pet and his son went out with his mom.”

The tricycle driver also bought his pup a large chunk of ice. “Bumili po ako ng yelo para di po siya mainitan habang namamasada kami. Magkano lang naman po ang yelo para kahit papaano di po niya maramdaman ang init,” the driver continued telling Torres.

“I felt so much love hearing his words. I can’t help but feel happy for this adorable creature for having a fur parent like him,” Torres said.

She herself is a fur parent, so she knows how having a dog brings so much joy in one’s life.

“Dogs are the ultimate example of unconditional love and teach us humans more lessons than we realize. After a long and difficult day, nothing can compare to the absolute love you receive from a sweet pet,” she said.

“Her name is Pretzel,” Torres added. “Meeting her in the most unexpected moment, made me feel that beyond this adversity that we are going through, look for something positive in each day, even if in some days, you have to look a little harder.”

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