Pets have always been a reliable source of happiness for humans and they can surely keep the household free of stress and anxiety, especially during these trying times when people all across the world are battling the deadly coronavirus pandemic.

To take your mind from the troubles and problems outside, Kidcasts (a podcast for kids!), has set-up a series of podcast episodes that can help young students and kids as young as five to learn more about pets! Don’t worry, adults can still listen to them as well! These podcasts will surely bring extra comfort and some fun too.

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  1. Extra BLURT: The Pets We Get
    For ages 8-12: This is a fast-paced game show that tests your knowledge on popular topics for kids: Harry Potter, cartoons, sports, and of course, pets! With pauses and timers, this is a highly-interactive podcast that will keep you guessing. The hosts will even share animal terminology and facts to widen your kids’ knowledge.
  2. This Podcast Has Fleas: Episode 1: The Sleepover
    For ages 5-12: This is a very comedic podcast for kids that includes professional actors (hello, Alec Baldwin!) voicing household pets. In this episode, Waffles the dog is rather upset with Jones the cat for stealing his idea to start a podcast. So their other animal friends makes an appearance during a sleepover party.
  3. Storynory: Jana’s Studio Interview About Show Dogs
    For ages 5-12: Storynory host Jana Elizabeth talks with a professional show dogs owner, Anita Mitchell. Listeners can learn about grooming and training routines, how to get involved in dog shows and what she learned about preparing for such serious competitions over 25 years.
  4. Short & Curly: Pets, Pests and Farm Animals: Why Do We Value Them Differently?
    For ages 8-12: This Australian podcast is hosted by Carl Smith, a science journalist, who tries to explain the ethics and philosophy in the simplest way he can for kids. He will help children think more deeply about the impacts on how we treat animals. Warning though, this episode will talk about farm animals dying and being killed.
  5. Working Like Dogs: Episode 165: Making the World A Safer Place
    For ages 9-17: Marie Davis co-hosts with her assistance dog, Lovey, in this episode. She interviews people who trained, worked or a hooman companion of all types of working dogs – guide, search and rescue, police and more – and share some tips on the best ways to care for them. This episode shows how much working dogs are doing just so to keep human safe and the world a better place.

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