A viral video showing a poor wolf crying over his human’s grave is proof that grief is not just real for humans.

Wiley the wolf lost his human companion, Gladys, and his grief was very hard to disguise. In the video posted six years ago, Wiley could be seen lying on Gladys tombstone as a family friend comforts him, and could be heard telling Wiley “We miss her too.” The video has now amassed nine million views after being posted on YouTube at Sarah and the Wolves.

Sarah Varley is Gladys’ granddaughter. She explained that Wiley was one of the service wolf-dogs that help veterans, like Gladys, when they returned to the community and cope with the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder. Wiley is just one of the wolf-dogs provided by the Lockwood Animal Rescue Center in Ventura County, California, a center that provides shelter for wolf-dogs and horses.

Varley said the money she earned from YouTube allowed her to work and stay at the wolf sanctuary without having to demand for a paycheck. The money largely helped the sanctuary, too.  

Varley’s cousins opened the sanctuary back in 2010. She herself struggled with PTSD, including panic attacks and night terrors.

“When I walked into the enclosure with the wolves it all melted away,” she said. “Wolves are beautiful, strong, big animals, and when you’re with them, it’s breathtaking,” she continued to say.

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