Animals around the world appear to be adjusting to a life without humans as several cities impose lockdowns and community quarantines due to the deadly coronavirus outbreak.

Photos from South Africa’s Kruger National Park shows a pride of lions lounging on a road, even unbothered by the presence of photographer and park ranger Richard Sowry.

“This lion pride are usually resident on Kempiana Contractual Park, an area Kruger tourists do not see,” Kruger National Park tweeted Wednesday. “This afternoon, they were lying on the tar road just outside Orpen Rest Camp.”

Kruger is usually busy with tourists on a normal day, but since its shutdown on March 25 as part of South Africa’s nationwide lockdown to combat the disease, the lions are enjoying the days without humans.

“Lying on the road during daytime is unusual because under normal circumstances, there would be traffic and that pushes them into the bush,” Isaac Phaahla, park spokesman, told CNN in an interview. “People should remember that KNP is still a largely wild area and in the absence of humans, wildlife is more active.”

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