Sometimes, things turn out the way it should be — just like how these two sibling doggos reunited thanks to their kind hooman.

Emily Pearson shared her wonderful story of her dogs through a Facebook group.

Her first dog Fred, was abandoned in a park in 2014. He was brought to a shelter and was not claimed until Pearson found him. Then, three years later, Pearson found another doggo, whom she named Josie, who she thought would make an amazing addition to her fur-mily.

Fred. (Photo by Emily Pearson)

“Someone in a nearby city decided to give a perfect dog away at a yard sale when she was neglected and tied to a chain in their yard,” Pearson wrote. “She also ended up with me.”

She said she did a DNA test for the dogs, and found out they are actually full siblings.

Josie. (Photo by Emily Pearson)

“I have no idea who had them before I got them, but they gave up the PERFECT dogs. Their loss,” she said.

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