An unlikely visitor interrupted a woman’s sleep in the middle of the night, creating a loud splash from the backyard pool.

Kerri Kibble was sleeping in her home in Port Charlotte, Florida, when she heard a noise coming from her backyard in the wee hours of the morning. When she came by to check, she was shocked to see a seven-foot alligator swimming in her pool.

During an interview with television station WBBH, Kibble said the gator was just resting at the bottom of the pool, but once the lights were turned on, the reptile suddenly started stirring.

She added that she thought about just letting the animal find its way out of the pool, but realized that it might be a bad idea. After all, she has three children and three dogs inside their home.

Charlotte County deputies came into the scene and contacted an alligator trapper, who removed the reptile for four hours.

The alligator was then moved to an alligator farm.

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