For every pet owner, their companion animals are more than just a companion – they are family. So when they die, they always leave their pawprints etched in the hearts of those who love them.

Lucy Ledgeway rescued her best friend, Sunny, when it was just one-year-old. Since then, they were inseparable, and for 13 years, Ledgeway gave Sunny the life she deserved.

(Photo: Lucy Ledgeway)

Sunny passed away at 14 in Ledgeway’s home in the city of York in northern England. Last year, the veterinarians told the Ledgeway family that Sunny was diagnosed with diabetes and only had 12 to 15 months to live.

Sunny fought for 13 months, until her health started to deteriorate. She had been throwing up and had trouble going to the bathroom. The whole Ledgeway family thought they will have to put Sunny to sleep, but Sunny managed to spend one last day with her family.

“She was in bed up until around 2pm, and then my brother got a bag of crisps out and started eating and she started sniffing up,” Ledgeway told TODAY in an interview. “It gave us a bit of hope, like, ‘Oh, so she’ll be all right.'”

Ledgeway said Sunny looked to feel better on that day, but she died the following morning. Ledgeway was very emotional on that day, and told her boyfriend that she just wanted to see a sign that Sunny was all right. Two hours later, she went outside and saw the sign she was looking for in the clouds.

“I was in shock really, in disbelief,” Ledgeway said. “The thing is, I was sad all day and then as soon as I saw her, it just made me laugh. It made me giggle to myself and it made me happy. And I think that happening has made it easier to grieve.”

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