Over 1,000 US women were surveyed for a study regarding pet ownership and sleep. About 55 percent of them shared the bed with their dogs, while 31 percent shared it with their cats.

The women were observed to sleep better with their dogs, who disturbed their human companions less than human bed partners. Women with dogs in bed also associated having their furries more comfortable and make them feel more secured, according to Dr. Karen Shaw Becker for Healthy Pets.

Some researchers used Fitbark, an activity and sleep monitoring device, among dogs and Actiwatch 2, a similar device for humans, to further develop their study. They found out that both owners and dogs had a high sleep efficiency mark – 81 percent for owners and 85 percent for dogs.

Meanwhile, a separate study by Mayo Clinic Proceedings showed that 41 percent of pet owners say their dogs are beneficial to their relaxed sleep, because their animal companions let them feel secure, content and relaxed.

American Kennel Club (AKC) even led a survey among women dog owners. 45 percent of the participants said they welcomed their dogs in bed, because most of them enjoy its physical warmth and rhythmic breathing.

 “By using dogs as an exemplar of human-animal co-sleeping, and comparing human-canine sleeping with adult-child co-sleeping, we determine that both forms of co-sleeping share common factors for establishment and maintenance, and often result in similar benefits and drawback,” said AKC.

People with service animals also benefit from sleeping with their dogs, who help them with sleep disorders, like obstructive sleep anpea and nightmares.