Animal companions serve a big part of their human’s lives. It is no wonder that losing them is one of the toughest and most heartbreaking things to ever happen.

To keep their memories alive, a company came up with the idea on how we could keep them close to our hearts.

Davenport Memorial Glass created a meaningful and beautiful way to always keep our animal companions with us. Specializing in glass art, they infuse the ashes of your departed loved pets into it to create a memorable work of art.

“Our goal is to physically capture a moment, to create a keepsake that brings back a memory,” the company wrote on their website. “Nothing will compare to the time spent with your loved one, but we hope to aid in treasuring them and remembering the precious time you had together.”

You may come up with an idea of what form of the glass you want or the company itself can design it for you.

“The ashes put a lot of stress into the glass while working with it, making it very difficult to work with,” Davenport, the artist, said. “I’ve had many glass artists contact me and ask how I do it. I’d be up for teaching a class one day.”

Check out some of their best designs:

If you’d like to take a look at some of their designs and how to order, check their website here: Davenport Memorial Glass

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