Here are the list of things that should be inside your Fur-st aid kit, to be prepared always. 

• Bandages

-A roll of self-adhesive or crepe bandage (five centimeters or cm width)

-Conforming or open-weave bandages (two and a half cm width)

• Surgical sticky tape

• Cotton balls, cotton swabs

• Sterile absorbent gauze

• Non-adhesive absorbent dressings (five cm square) to cover open wounds

• Blunt-ended scissors, preferably curved

• Thick, clean towels

• Sterile saline solution

• Iodine solution

• Medicine droppers or measured syringes

• E-collar/pet cone (often jokingly referred to as the “cone of shame”)

• Heating pad/lamp (particularly if you have a bird)

• Gram scale (birds should be weighed at least monthly)

• Painkillers, antihistamines, etc. as approved by your vet

• Specialized items such as anti-fungal cream (depending on your type of pet)

This story appeared in Animal Scene’s August 2017 issue.